There is no typical night or typical crowd at Workaholics. You never know who may come, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s people from different sectors, backgrounds, and ways of life coming into the same environment. Some people come and work independently in a quiet area. Some people end up networking and being more social, or just sharing perspectives. People are white-boarding and brainstorming. Artists even have the tendency to stop by and create pieces.

Through the night, Workaholics uses open workspaces, education, and mentoring to develop the skills of professionals and entrepreneurs. It was founded from the notion that most people who get into any form of entrepreneurship or seek professional development, also work a full-time job and don’t have the time until the evening hours. Our open workspaces are available in the evenings from 6 pm until midnight.

We believe that not only can we accomplish more things together and we can make the things that we’ve already accomplished better. This is a diverse space where people feed off of each other’s energy. The meetups are great for peer-to-peer mentoring, because established professionals can share knowledge with up-and-comers or maybe even professionals that are similar in status but differ in background. We want to build an ecosystem of emerging business leaders in the community that are looking to push the envelop on their careers and business endeavors.

Night Owl Services

Public Workspaces

The hours between 9am and 5pm just aren’t enough. Most people who want to advance their career or idea, have to do so after hours in the beginning. Those who can’t work on their projects during normal business hours because of their day jobs or school now have a space to work, collaborate with others, and get help with their ideas. Our open workspaces are all about peer-to-peer mentoring. The space can also be used for meetings and events.

Mentor Connect


Mentors meet with mentees once a month for two hours. Mentors are paid $100 per session. The goal is to match budding entrepreneurs and young professionals with more established community leaders. The sessions are designed to build lasting relationships between the mentors and mentees. Mentees will enter the program with a professional goal, and mentors will assist and encourage their progress.


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We aim to build and extensive network of experts. We are always looking for those who can conduct workshops around legal advice, HR help, business consulting, design, and other contributions. We are very intentional about highlighting our local experts because the work that they do is very important. One major hurdle for many people is being able to get the preliminary assistance they need to adequately jump start their venture.


Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

Free coffee upon request for those needing an extra push through the night.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

Enjoy fast internet connection! This enables our community members to be quick and efficient as they execute their projects.

Printing Station

Printing Station

Enjoy the benefits of being able to print black & white as well color documents for no extra charge. Unlimited printing services are only available to members. Non members will have the ability to use printing services for .30 per document.

Free Parking

Free Parking

Trying to find parking downtown can be a pain and expensive. All of our members have a designated parking spot in close proximity of the space courtesy of Republic Parking.

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